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The intention of this page is to introduce the rare Otterhound breed to german families. So I am convinced that the Otterhound is a wonderful family member.  I am sorry, that the text is just in German language, but if you like to have more informations about this breed, please use the link to our partner kennel "Houndville". ( They are planning the next Otterhound-litter - in spring 2010 - too .) Our kennel "Villeseekers" and "Houndville" are  registered at the UK Kennel Club and we are all members of the British Otterhound Club.
But if you have any further questions, please use the contact-form ( "Kontakt " ) or send a mail to . 
We already managed to sell Otterhounds to the Czech Republic and to Finland. So don't hesitate to contact us.

 ( Foto: gone to the Czech Republic: Villeseekers Belmont and Villeseekers Alma )

( Foto: Villeseekers Ashley is also in the Czech Republic )

( Foto: Villeseekers Alf - now in Finland )


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